Working With Cariblue

Working with growing businesses

For businesses and organisations who want to grow, scale, improve performance or reposition for growth we provide practical, hands on assistance to get it done - especially if time and resources are at a premium. We work with our clients to identify potential market and customer opportunities, where you need to focus your efforts, plan your growth and then implement the plan to get the results you want. We do this through:

  1. Business reviews to understand where you are at.
  2. Market and customer research.
  3. Planning how to achieve your goals - through a 'Roadmap for Growth" or a strategic plan.
  4. Planning and implementing your marketing to underpin this.
  5. Developing and implementing systems and processes, documenting these in manuals
  6. And other assistance as needed to achieve your goals.

Working with the franchise sector

In the franchising area we assist businesses, potential franchisors and existing franchisors to increase their success by stimulating growth and improving profitability to build a solid franchise more quickly with less stress.

We do this through the different stages of their franchising journey including:

  1. Finding out what is involved in franchising as a growth strategy
  2. Developing a Roadmap for Growth - their vision and action plan for growth
  3. Growing and preparing their business to be franchise ready
  4. Actually franchising their business
  5. Assisting in transition to a full time franchisor once they have franchisees
  6. Growing their franchise nationally
  7. Growing their franchise internationally
  8. Succession planning and exiting successfully


Furthermore we support our franchisors through our mentoring program.