Working With Cariblue

Working with Growing Businesses, Family Business, Not for Profit Organisations and Social Enterprises

We work with businesses and organisations who want to grow, scale, improve performance, reposition for growth, are coping with growth that has just spiralled unexpectedly or just want help to make things run more smoothly, more efficiently or with less stress. As well as working on the organisation, we can also assist with governance, and family matters in family businesses and key concerns for not-for-profit organisations. We are very practical and provide hands on assistance to work with you to get done what needs to be done – especially if time and resources are at a premium. We can provide guidance and advice, implement, mentor, or assist in other ways that suit our clients. 

We work with our clients to identify potential market and customer opportunities, where you need to focus your efforts, plan your growth and then implement the plan to get the results you want. We help you establish suitable governance structures for your size and resources, 

We do this through any of the following services, which can be customised to meet your needs:

  1. Business reviews to understand where you are at.
  2. Market and customer research to better understand your customers and identify potential market and customer opportunities.
  3. Planning how to achieve your goals – through a simple ‘Roadmap for Growth” or a strategic plan including an action plan for implementation, measurable KPIs for achievement and potential mentoring or practical assistance in implementation.
  4. Planning and implementing your marketing to underpin this.
  5. Developing and implementing systems and processes, documenting these in policies or manuals.
  6. Facilitating training, facilitating meetings and strategic planning, public speaking, presentations to boards, groups, associations, conferences.
  7. Planning, establishing or improving a governance structure that fits your organisation; from strategy, risk management, financial management, advisory boards, governance boards, induction, decision making, board reviews and improving efficiency and effectiveness 
  8. Succession planning for senior management, advisory boards, directors, and exiting successfully as an owner.
  9. For family businesses we bring personal experience to assist in a range of family matters including but not limited to family members joining, working in or exiting the business, family councils, governance and boards, family succession, transition and exit. 
  10. For not-for-profit organisations we understand and assist in the different culture and environment. We can work with organisations, including those with very limited resources, to assist you to set or clarify your vision, helping you in establishing a plan to maximise outcomes for your membership, customers or communities, plus helping you improve efficiency and effectiveness through good management and governance. 
  11. Furthermore, we can support our clients through mentoring. 
  12. And other assistance as needed, please do ask. We have also had considerable experience previously in the franchise sector and in government. 

Using technology, we can work with you wherever you are, and enjoy working with regional and remote organisations.